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When Was Camera Invited

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 In the 16th century, the first camera obscura (dark room) was invented in Italy. This camera is a dark box on a small hole on one of the sides. The light shines through the hole and is reflected down to make the image light the scene onto a screen. But this camera does not record images.

Since then, people have been trying to record the light of this image. In 1826 a French inventor, Joseph Niepce, created the first real camera. The camera is a wooden box with a lens in front of it and he manages to create a permanent image on a metal plate. With this camera, the person photographed must pose for 8 hours before the image is recorded on a metal plate.

French inventor Louis F. Mande Daguerre developed this process and managed to find the first practical camera. The first person photographed was dropped on a copper plate covered with silver iodide and made sensitive to light on mercury vapor. With this system the person photographed must pose for 30 minutes in order for his shadow to form on the copper plate. Copper plates are expensive and can only be used once.

At the same time, an English scientist, William Henry Fox Talbot,produced a negative light-sensitive paper to create a positive print. This is the process used to create photos in general today. In 1888, kodak's company chairman, American inventor George Eastman,produced the first popular camera. The camera has one film roller that can be used to take 100 photos. Every time we finish shooting we just play the movie. In modern cameras, these film rollers will rotate automatically. Edwin Land,also an American, managed to produce instant photography, which we know as polaroids. This type of film develops and prints photos "alone". Therefore, the film is given special chemicals. With this system, we can get a photo in a few seconds but without the negatives to duplicate the photo.

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